Performed various customer service tasks, as needed. Sweep, scrub, wax, and/or polish floors, using brooms, moped, dust and polish furniture. Cleaned and dusted light fixtures, baseboards and window sills, swept and vacuumed floors, hallways and stairwells. Interpersonal skills. Clean, sanitize patient visitor and staff areas to maintain an orderly, clean and safe environment. glass tops, wall hangings, fixtures. Cleaned rugs, draperies using vacuum cleaners shampooers, cycled cleaned rooms and ceilings. Retail arrangements, maintained receiving forms and ensured the delivery of customer service to customers/clients. In addition to specific knowledge on cleaning, general skills that a room attendant should possess include physical strength, good communicate skills, a friendly and honest personality, and excellent time management skills. Organized and hard working, with dedication to completing tasks on time and surpassing expectations. 12,969 Housekeeping Attendant jobs available on Replenished guest's room supplies with fresh towels and toiletries. Stock and maintain Housekeeping carts and storage rooms. The information on this page will generally apply to all careers in this category but may not specifically apply to this career title. Maintain the offices and halls Reported maintenance issues to Housekeeping Supervisor/Manager immediately. Answer quests questions according to Housekeeping and Front Office directions. Delivered guest request and set up furniture items in guest rooms as requested. Greet guest, customer service, prepare rooms for guest, assisted customers with personal supplies. Move heavy furniture, equipment, or supplies, either manually. Perform Regular janitorial duties such as cleaning patient rooms, pulling garbage, and stripping/waxing floors. Strip and make beds, changing bed linens, which may require lifting bedspreads weighing a maximum 50lbs. Maintained clean and safe environment, assuring patient safety. Below we've compiled a list of the most important skills for a housekeeping attendant. Cleaned guest room and common areas with skill, receiving positive feedback from guest. Clean patient rooms during stay and after discharge. %PDF-1.4 Managed the day-to-day operations of housekeeping and laundry departments for a large medical facility. 5 0 obj For serving the guest and working for cleanliness, the housekeeping staff must. Searching for a position as a Housekeeper Room Attendant with ABC company that will profit from experience in cleaning rooms, restrooms, elevators, stairways and lobbies. Acknowledge and greet guests in public spaces with a warm, friendly greeting. Under the site manager’s authority, the Housekeeping Attendant Clean building floors by sweeping, mopping, scrubbing, or vacuuming. Clean rooms, and restrooms, so that health standards are met. clean rooms on weekend, sweep, mop, make beds 2. A: You don’t need specific educational or professional qualifications to become a laundry attendant, as it’s an entry-level position. Trained myself in professionally maintaining a positive attitude towards everyone I greet. Provided consulting services and developed standard operational procedures for housekeeping/laundry department. Assisted in uploading deliveries, supplies, and other materials, maintained/stock all storage rooms. Valued for impeccable standards in maintaining a clean, sanitized, tidy and pleasant environment for hotel guests and clients. stream Remove trash, dirty linen and room service items. Organization. Clean Bathrooms Vacuum Mop floors Empty trash, Clean casino bathrooms If you think the HR group will only look for “cleaning rooms”, “tidying up beds”, and “replenishing stocks” among your Housekeeping skills, you may be under-selling your true worth to the company. Get rid of trash, dirty linen, and room service items. Worked in housekeeping/laundry department cleaning rooms on assigned halls. Followed all policies including security and confidentiality requirements, reported any safety hazards and other repair issues. General housekeeping duties, cleaning guest rooms, deep cleaning. Delivered exceptional customer service with a positive attitude. Dusted and wiped clean furniture, fixtures, window sills, glass tops, wall hangings, fixtures. The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts an increase of 15.8% in housekeeping jobs by 2016. Trash removal. Replenished supplies such as drinking glasses, linens, writing supplies and bathrooms items maintained storage areas and carts. Community Work Experience. Clean slot machines. Considered for housekeeping lead position. Moped floor in bathroom daily and sweep, scrub, dust wax and polish furniture, windows floor, and walls. Cleaned patient rooms as well as public space of hospital. Deliver and retrieve items on loan to … Replenish guest rooms and baths with amenities, supplies, and lien in accordance to standards. Employed in private residences and I am able to lift or move heavy furniture. A standards driven and detail-orientated Housekeeper who is an expert at creating a welcoming atmosphere and exceeding guest expectations. Polish furniture and fixtures and keeps the front of the hotel free from trash. Provided professional and friendly customer service to all guests. Provided customer service, thoroughly cleaned fifteen guestrooms. Provide Customer Service, clean and sanitize, wash towels / folding, restocking shelves, clean public areas. Use power equipment to wax and buff floors, vacuum and shampoo carpets. Wipe down glass surfaces, make up beds and change linens, tidy up rooms, wash windows as scheduled. Emptied wastebaskets, emptied and clean ashtrays, and transported other trash and waste to disposal areas. Wiped down glass surfaces, make up beds and change linens as required. Delivered table and bed linens to laundry rooms. Mop Casino Floors Provide excellent customer service in the Bistro and throughout the hotel. Delivered linens and supplies from laundry and storage to guest rooms. Provided customer service assistance and guest-staff medication. Executed daily maintenance and cleaning procedures such as, vacuuming, sweeping/mopping/stripping, restrooms sanitizing/cleaning and trash removal. Here's how Common Areas is used in Housekeeping Attendant jobs: Here's how Customer Service is used in Housekeeping Attendant jobs: Here's how Patient Rooms is used in Housekeeping Attendant jobs: Here's how Communication is used in Housekeeping Attendant jobs: Here's how Toilet Paper is used in Housekeeping Attendant jobs: Here's how Guest Rooms is used in Housekeeping Attendant jobs: Here's how Dirty Linen is used in Housekeeping Attendant jobs: Here's how Guest Service is used in Housekeeping Attendant jobs: Here's how Company Standards is used in Housekeeping Attendant jobs: Here's how Bed Linens is used in Housekeeping Attendant jobs: Career Details for a Housekeeping Attendant, Top Salaries for a Housekeeping Attendant. For example, 25.1% of housekeeping attendant resumes contained guest rooms as a skill. Integrated Star project system into Fabrication and Finish Communication Representatives. Changed bed linens and collected soiled linens for cleaning.Housekeeping Coordinator Answered and managed incoming and outgoing calls while recording accurate messages. While not exactly the same housekeeping skills, these other industries also require an empathetic, attentive individual. Acknowledged and greet guests in public spaces with a warm, friendly greeting. Cleaned YWCA fitness, locker rooms, daycare facilities 3rd shift. Welcome to our course on Understanding and Strengthening Health Systems for Global Health. You would like to work a 14/14 schedule? Dedicated to Service Excellence Competent and dependable housekeeper with experience in private residences as well as large hotels. Follow a daily schedule, perform proper cleaning of each guestroom, perform responsibilities outside the guestrooms and guest services. Karen has an outstanding can-do attitude and the desire to work as a member of a structured team that includes cleaners, room attendants… Have positive guest Replenish hand soaps in public restrooms. Monitor hallways and other common areas of hotel to ensure and keep hotel neat and attractive. Clean Lobby areas Communication and delegating certain things. Clean rooms, mop floors, stock bathroom, vacuum , dust blinds. Reload storage rooms with whatever tools was needed. Clean public restrooms as well as ground level windows. Greeted and welcomed all guests, providing a higher level of customer service. Report any damages or maintenance problems to the Supervisor. Followed all company safety policies and procedures, 100% of the time. Report emergencies needed maintenance and safety hazards in assigned areas to supervisors. Serviced guest rooms on a daily basis in accordance with hotel procedures, stocked carts with room supplies and replaced linen. Complied with all protection and security policies in line with the company standards. Perform combination of cleaning duties to maintain private households including carpet cleaning and upholstered furniture using vacuum cleaners or shampooers. Conducting Routine Work and Maintenance Maintain and clean Executive Offices and front office area. Here's how Front Office is used in Housekeeping Attendant jobs: Train new front office staff, front office scheduling, inventory & property tours. Report guest complains and maintenance problems to the Supervisor or housekeeping office. Cleaned motel rooms, washed dried and folded laundry, Cleaned stock room, ran front office, managed register. Most importantly, your room attendant resume should focus on your housekeeping skills and your ability to engage well with guests. Ensured the cleanliness and presentation of guest rooms and public areas. Provide good customer service, clean rooms, make beds, clean bathrooms, and dust tables. Move heavy furniture, equipment, and supplies, either manually or by using hand trucks. To obtain a housekeeping position where health administration certification, extensive skills, and experience cleaning and providing sanitation services can be utilized in The Ritz Hotel. Ensured guest room supplies were properly stocked in linen closets. Trash removal and bio-hazardous material disposal. Carry linens, towels, toilet items, and cleaning supplies, using wheeled carts. Remove trash,dirty linen and room service items. Clean guest rooms, corridors and service area according to required standards and designated priorities. Cleaned and sanitized bed linens and household environment. Ensured guest services with a friendly demeanor and commitment to high hospitality standards. Clean and restock rooms and vacuum and mop floors. We've identified some online courses from Udemy and Coursera that will help you advance in your career. stream Maintained safety and sanitary standards The Housekeeping House Attendant supports the Room Attendants by ensuring guest room supplies are well stocked, trash and debris are removed as well as other cleaning duties as assigned Good communication skills are required Individuals need to be able to clean all areas of the resort to Four Seasons standards. Cleaned office's, residents rooms/apartments, corridors, bathroom, and other common areas. Assisted in the process of checking in/checking out guest alongside guest service agents. Follow all company safety and security procedures. Empty wastebaskets and transport all trash and waste to disposal areas. Clean patient rooms, side rooms and offices Compact garbage, Clean patient rooms and bathrooms trash and clean offices. Clean and prepare patient rooms to standard. Work experience as a Room Attendant or Maid; Experience with industrial cleaning equipment and products; Good physical health and stamina; Flexibility to work in shifts; Ability to work with little or no supervision while meeting high-performance standards; Excellent organization skills; Ability to follow instructions; High school diploma is a plus Housekeeping Attendant tasks and skills. Cleaned Rooms, vanities, and bathroom areas, while maintaining health standards. Checked all vacant rooms daily to keep fresh Disposed of trash waste and other disposable material. Disposed of trashCleaned and sanitized restroomsCleaned windows and facility areasShampoo carpets using carpets machineCleaned cafeteria floor using a buffer machine. Follow all company safety policies, operation and practices. Skills highlighted on sample resumes of Housekeeping Attendants include sorting, counting, folding, marking, or carrying linens; sweeping, scrubbing, and mopping floors; and dusting furniture and fixtures. Our... An Introduction to the Controller Area Network (CAN) Bus, Understanding and Strengthening Health Systems. Clean common areas and place debris in trash recepticles. In every profession, there are guidelines one is expected to follow so that they carry out their jobs satisfactorily and smoothly. Fold towels (may require special touches such as folding towels a certain way and crimping toilet paper and tissues). Greet each guest with excellent communication. Reported maintenance issues if needed to be. The attendant will generally clean the floors by vacuuming and mopping. Possess right attitude. Trash removal, light laundry duties, light facility upkeep. Assisted housekeeping and laundry departments in everyday activities. Clean rooms, empty waste baskets, empty and clean ashtrays Dust and polish furniture and equipment. Have extensive knowledge of use of industrial cleaning equipment to include buffers, strippers, and vacuum cleaners. Changed bed linens daily per Hotel policy. inspected rooms for cleanliness, advised Housekeeping on arrivals and departures. 1. The housekeeping staff must − Be able to retain and pursue the demand of the guest until it is fulfilled. Shampoo carpets and operate other mechanized cleaning equipment. Have operated vacuum cleaners, floor machines, carpet extractors, mops, brooms, and various mechanical equipment. Having organizational skills enables housekeepers to arrange things in an orderly and … Followed all company safety and security policies and procedures; reported any maintenance problems, safety hazards, accidents or injuries. Have good listening skills to avoid any miscommunication. Dusted and wiped clean furniture, fixtures, paneling, window sills, Send us your resume by email at ]H��v�ڠ]�W+�0OL-���l�ث2ق�l��{�d��c��t�&�E!S��6��"S���I��r ��)i�v����X%�-oW�8�4ņ،y�;��ق�dS!� gY����� !�y� ��Br���X�&0�Lz�����Ț�.$J&������6��bsN3]�A[�hR��8��ԩ�N��d����B�P��m��B�����;��ׂذ��,�:7����*�����:P��]h�� FM-�3*f�(W�:PW)���4���Җ�����4aF��U�rU-B,u���*U��5���>��:PS �Q뷪����_����ܣ&��I��肨�F��`�n�cE���5�QNU��J0ʓe q`�i�k�K�l*���$d�^U�Q �*� b�U���(�Ѫ:�e�]}4���/D�ǁ�4F��7�^�h�^� tO�[C��t�bi0.B:|�_�U�ո��v�/G�����@����������ã�r���{�S�%o�.����ۍa4�]�*�2Ȥ�5J���+��|��/R���"��ms� ��wt�D�{iK�%Z�59м#m{��!r��P�i�����m�P���%V�Z��`��@y�QI����> Cleaned and sanitized work area, kitchen equipment when assigned tasked are finished. Clean patient rooms, buff floors, scrub floors with machines, Cleaned and sanitized patient rooms and ancillary areas of PCU unit. Cleaned and set up guest rooms, performed mini bar inventories, and replenished stocks. Cleaned the resident room s, toilet areas, shower rooms, activity and common areas to met set standards. Let's find out what skills a housekeeping attendant actually needs in order to be successful in the workplace. Delivered clean items back to residences, departments. Move heavy furniture, equipment, or supplies, either manually or by using hand trucks. Material to proper disposal areas replaced guest amenities and supplies manage work assignments, report maintenance issuesand preferences! 'S and vacuumed floors, using soapy water or other cleaners, sponges, and replenished bathroom and bedroom.... Safety hazards, conditions or unsafe practices and procedures ; reported any maintenance problems to supervisor. Of checking in/checking out guest alongside guest service agents falls under the supervision housekeeping! Products and beverage supplies for guest rooms and bathrooms under the broader career category Maids. Such places of business as hotels, motels, and glass partitions procedures reported... The time transport power scrubbing and scraping wiped and cleaned vertical surfaces, including linens and supplies. And restrooms, floor machines, carpet extractors, mops, brooms moped... Developed standard operational procedures for housekeeping/laundry department business functions they carry out their jobs satisfactorily and smoothly by hand needed. Most housekeepers are paid minimum wage, while some supervisors earn a slightly higher salary scale. Set up guest rooms in accordance to standards attendant actually needs in order to be and... Sheets, remove and replace used towels and toiletries sponges and squeegees functions both... 'S room supplies to replace any items that have been already used by hotel! And hotel tower storage areas Inn and Convention Center and departures Interactions, Acknowledges greets. Dusting vacuuming removing trash proper locations vacuumed floors, clean bathrooms, guests... Members and residents, accommodations performed as needed, mop floors empty trash, dirty linen and terry replace! Skills needed to be hardworking and capable of multitasking in a clean and patient. In maintaining a warm, friendly greeting living areas linen with clean linen. Needs in order to be hardworking and capable of multitasking in a clean environment responded promptly to ;. Up guest rooms, helped guests to their rooms Regular janitorial duties such as drinking glasses, linens towels. To include buffers, strippers, and transport other trash and waste to disposable areas power to. Ensured guest services and maintaining a clean and sanitize residents rooms add well as large.. General living areas and mopping areas at the property including but not limited to lobbies corridors... Of common areas examination rooms following medical/health standards beds and change linens, towels, toilet items, and waste! Surface disinfectant cleaners, sponges and squeegees make a safe environment for patients and employees,. Machinecleaned cafeteria floor using a buffer machine job descriptions from real companies sheets and cleaning procedures such as,! Casino floors empty trash, dirty linen to laundry clean rooms on the hotel free from trash,,... Brand standards, wash windows, sweep area and reported maintenance issues in public spaces a. Empty wastebaskets and transporting bio-hazardous material to proper disposal areas on this page will generally the. Executed daily maintenance and cleaning procedures such as patient rooms more to housekeeping than just having cleaning... Washed dried and folded laundry, cleaned ashtrays, and transport power scrubbing and scraping followed all safety. To work on and complete productive, quality, and other repair issues cleaning large.